Inspiring advice
Part One

One of the beautiful things about anything in life is that we’re constantly learning and growing. Even through challenges and uphill marathons. When our educators create their accounts, we ask them a series of fun questions not only to get to know them a bit more personally but to share it with you all. One of those questions is “If you could go back in time to when you were just starting with photography, what would it be“; and here, ladies and gentlemen is the first in a series of inspiring pieces of advice shared by our Educators.

"What is some advice you'd give your younger self?"

Photo by Lukas Leonte

Don’t fall into the comparison trap! There is plenty of room at the table for everyone. Remember we are all on our own paths and we all start somewhere. Keep your eyes set on your target and don’t be afraid to make mistakes along the way – it is in our failures we grow. YOU GOT THIS!!!

Venture Out Photography

Don’t let others influence your choices. Your instinct is your best guide, and if you feel that doing something completely different from the usual photographers is your best way to go, then listen to yourself.

Beatrice the Quirky

Have no doubt, jump in and invest in equipment and education without fear in whatever it takes to improve. You were born for this, follow your instinct and believe in your feelings and good taste.

Bruno Garcez

There are a few things we feel that would help our younger selves a lot. Wherever you go, take your camera. Photograph everything. Travel a lot. Trust your gut. Prioritize your health and time!

Nina & Darek

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