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Welcome to the official invitation page to join How I Shot This’s ever growing archive of outstanding photographers in the wedding industry. This page should help clear up any questions you may have as well as link you to the next steps to being featured.


Our platform is designed to meticulously dissect the creative process behind each image. Beyond camera settings and equipment, we dive into the intricate narrative that shapes each photograph. 


From the sources of inspiration to the artful direction of subjects, the careful composition and framing techniques, we discover the insights that are vital in creating outstanding wedding photography.


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India Earl
The Kitcheners
Joy Zamora

What's in it for you?

As this is a highly curated and invite-only platform, by being here you will officially be allowed to wear the title of “Official Educator” for How I Shot This. This comes with a badge to display on your website, a spot amongst our Artists and all the wonderful credibility for SEO that comes with it. 


You will of course be given access to all our content as there is always something new to learn and be inspired by.


We are also open to discussing how we may promote your presets/workshops/education/events on your submitted posts as to drive our traffic to you. 

Next steps

We hope that you’ll jump onto this opportunity as you’ve been personally invited to do so. Your work, talent & techniques will be right at home here amongst the other artists and it would be an honour to welcome you on board.


To begin the process, we first need to create your artist profile. It shouldn’t take more than a few minutes and we’ll then be able to move on to the next steps.


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