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Starting off, we welcome Dylan to the show and dive right into his story.

01:35 - 02:01

Getting into Photography

Everyone has a beginning, and we learn how Dylan & Joanna came from being a Pastry Chef (Dylan) and a Japanese language teacher (Joanna).

02:01 - 04:45

Street Photography, Meeting each other & Flickr

Dylan and Joanna both shared a love for Street Photography, which was a gateway for them to meet each other on Flickr, and eventually get their foot in the door with weddings.

04:45 - 06:59

Moving to Scotland

After realizing that life will be so much easier if they up and left Australia and moved to Scotland (paperwork reasons), Dylan & Joanna set off to where would become their home. We explore life in Scotland and how they found their footing in this new country.

06:59 - 10:17

Starting Photography & working with family

We talk about how they moved into professional photography, the challenges of working with your partner as well as having kids and how that can make things a little more difficult when you’re travelling around the world shooting weddings.

10:17 - 14:20

Film Making

Dylan is an incredible filmmaker and we chat about how he got into filming and what his process is. We talk about the similarities between filming & photography and while they share many things such as composition & lighting, there are a good few things one has to keep in mind with video.

14:20 - 17:51

Approaching Shoots

We talk about how Dylan approaches his shoot and how he is always chasing after authentic moments. We speak about those moments where you simply can’t/shouldn’t repeat as they lose their power and how we can better our chances of capturing them.

17:51 - 20:39

Demand for video & finding music

We touch on filmmaking once more and chat about the importance music plays in a film, and how it can dictate the whole flow. Sadly, there is a challenge that comes with relying on music – and that is finding the right piece.

20:39 - 23:45


If you’re not following the kitcheners already, stop what you’re doing and scroll down to the show notes and follow their Instagram link. They are a must. And while you’re there, pay attention to how often they post. Really not often. At all. Something about the IG Algorithm saying you won’t get any exposure if you don’t post every day? Well, not for  The Kitcheners. Their secret? Post fucking incredible work.

23:45 - 28:05

Making strangers feel emotion

There is a skill in making a stranger, a viewer on instagram, feel something when they look at an image. And the Kitcheners do just that. This has somewhat become their style. Emotional storytelling.

28:05 - 31:15

B-Roll & Details for story telling

We ask the question of how important it is to include those small details to tell a story. A close-up of the dress. The way a book lies on the table. All these little things help develop the story for the viewer and makes all the difference in the emotional journey one follows in a blog.

31:15 - 38:22

The importance of Editing

Editing is a crucial part, whether photo or video. And we dive into the importance of getting it right in camera and using tones to portray emotions. We also go into their own presets and how they are built to create these stunning feelings.

38:22 - 41:49

Couple in the Wind

We take a look at one of the most beautiful “hugs” we’ve ever seen in a photo and we dissect the whole story behind how it was created, why he composed it at such an angle, and how that plays a role in the overall feeling.

41:49 - 46:07

Directing Couples

We talk about how Dylan directs his couple, how he sets up the moods and how he captures these emotional moments.

46:07 - 54:20

Bride running in the valley

One of the most iconic photos in our industry, we dive into just how Dylan captured this shot and even touch on what he would do differently if he could go back in time and shoot it all over again.

54:20 - 59:12

An emotional moment

Just look at this tear. Just wow! We talk about this gorgeous image and how positioning the bride in the light allowed Dylan to capture the tear in all its glory, and how this exudes emotions.

59:12 - 01:09:42

Community Questions

We reached out to the community asking if they had any questions for The Kitcheners, and we dive into 3 of them: How do you talk to your couples? What is your favorite piece of equipment & do you bring music to your shoots?

01:09:42 - 01:11:22


We close up our conversation and end off with sharing their discount code for How I Shot This. If you’re considering signing up, be sure to use their code TK25 as it will award them a little commission if used. It changes nothing on your part, except knocking off 25% on the first payment for any subscription plan.

About this

I am so darn excited to be able to share this conversation with you all. Dylan from The Kitcheners is one of the friendliest, most humble souls and he doesn’t hold back on sharing his story, how he got into photography, how he approaches his shoots and so much more. It’s a great, light-hearted conversation where we actually find out that we have quite a few similarities (perhaps you will too). Without wanting to write a whole book on this conversation, I would 100% encourage you to give it a listen and enjoy the magic that Dylan shares with us all.

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To save 25% on the first payment for any subscription plan. This code is linked to The Kitcheners which means they’ll get a commission if it’s used. It changes nothing on your part.

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