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A conversation with Paraguassu Fotografia

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There is so much that one could say about these two incredibly kind and talented people, and in this conversation we get a glimpse into their lives, their story, their beginning and their work. Daniel & Carol from Paraguassu Fotografria and changing the industry in Brazil; showing future Brides that weddings don’t have to be mega traditional. That they have the complete freedom to design the day that truly speaks to them. It’s no easy task in a country that loves traditions – but they’ve made huge progress and we get to see all about it.

This is a conversation that just makes you feel good. They are so kind. So easy going and even if they don’t have ‘perfect’ English, I personally find it incredibly charming to hear them go back-and-forth with each other as they discuss the question and translate it.

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  1. I really like these two! I’ve been following them for sometime and find their work really inspiring. Thank you for this conversation! It was great!

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