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A conversation with Paraguassu Fotografia

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00:00 - 01:51

Welcome & how did you start

We jump right in and get to know the basics of how Paraguassu started, how long they’ve been shooting and their beginnings.

01:51 - 05:15

How the industry has changed

One of the main things Paraguassu has sought out to do is change the industry in Brazil. To show Brides that weddings don’t have to be orthodox and traditional. We explore how this all came about.

05:15 - 07:04

Giving to the community

Paraguassu is known & loved in the industry back in Brazil and not just by photographers – but by wedding vendors. Though some have proved challenging to get on board with creative ideas.

07:04 - 08:52

Will weddings continue to grow to stay at their current point

I asked them whether they think that the weddings will continue to develop into more adventurous, more bold, and more creative celebrations or will they settle down to their current spot of being a little bit of a mix between traditional and adventurous.

08:52 - 10:11

Showing people what's possible

One of the main ways this is changing the industry is by showing potential brides & vendors the creative ways a couple can celebrate. Sometimes it’s not that they don’t want to do something new, they just have no idea what’s possible.

10:11 - 12:49

Amazing photographers in Brazil

I am constantly blown away by the talent I see coming out of Brazil and we speak about this, as well as an idea of getting HIST over to Brazil for a little visit

12:49 - 15:58

All about how they started photography

Everyone started from somewhere and here we explore their beginnings and how they landed their first weddings.

15:58 - 18:00

What gear they are using

We chat about Gear and whether they think it’s important or not. And if so, by how much.

18:00 - 21:56

How to find your own voice?

An incredibly important question to try and answer as any photographer, we take a look into what advice they have about finding your own voice.

21:56 - 23:13

Being Prepared for shoots

I personally love to ask this question as it gives an insight into how photographers approach their work. We talk about whether they go to a shoot with a preconceived list of shot ideas or directions or whether they wing it on the spot.

23:13 - 24:48

Knowing the story of the couple

During the last chapter, they touched on the importance of knowing the history/story of the couple and how that dictates their shoots. I asked them to expand on this.

24:48 - 27:28

Goal of Photography

We talk about the true goal of wedding photography and how it should primarily be aimed at creating the work your clients want, but also not to forget yourself – for lots of reasons.

27:28 - 29:55

Shot 1 - Meraki Close Up

We talk about how this image was created and how they got the couple to feel so relaxed and at ease and natural. Even if they weren’t even a real couple but two models.


29:55 - 31:03

Being Vulnerable

Daniel shares his thoughts on why being vulnerable is so important when working with couples.

31:03 - 32:38

These images are changing the industry

It’s these very images that are helping brides to discover new places, new ideas, and new ways that they can get married – which is shifting the industry to be more open and creative.

32:38 - 34:45

The importance of moving yourself

We talk about how important it is for you to make the changes, and not wait for someone else to do it.

34:45 - 36:44

Followers are not the most important

Such true words are shared here about followers on Instagram not being the most important thing one should focus on. At least, not the volume of followers.

36:44 - 40:54

Shot 2 - Reflection

This shot is beautiful in so many ways, but what really fascinated me was how they managed to edit the reflection and make it so unnoticeable.


40:54 - 43:27

Shooting Darker

A lot of their work tends to fall into the darker vibes, and we speak about how there is so much drama & story in the darkness that can absolutely be embraced at weddings.

43:27 - 45:14

Quiet moments

We talk about allowing space for your couple to be quiet. To have their moments. And for us as photographers to slow down and just take in everything and use that quietness to create something beautiful.

45:14 - 48:24

Shot 3 - Teepee

We explore this shot and how it was created, and most importantly, the story behind it.


48:24 - 51:46

What advice would you give to your younger self?

Another favorite question of mine, I ask Paraguassu what advice they’d give to a younger version of themselves just starting out. Such valuable information can really help speed up the success of one’s career.

51:46 - 53:54

Ending & Codes

We say our goodbye and I close up the conversation by sharing their code (PG25) which will knock off 25% on the first payment for any subscription plan. This code is linked to Paraguassu meaning that they will earn a little commission if it’s used – and it changes nothing on your side.

About this

There is so much that one could say about these two incredibly kind and talented people, and in this conversation we get a glimpse into their lives, their story, their beginning and their work. Daniel & Carol from Paraguassu Fotografria and changing the industry in Brazil; showing future Brides that weddings don’t have to be mega traditional. That they have the complete freedom to design the day that truly speaks to them. It’s no easy task in a country that loves traditions – but they’ve made huge progress and we get to see all about it.

This is a conversation that just makes you feel good. They are so kind. So easy going and even if they don’t have ‘perfect’ English, I personally find it incredibly charming to hear them go back-and-forth with each other as they discuss the question and translate it.

Use the


To save 25% on the first payment for any subscription plan. This code is linked to Paraguassu Fotografia which means they’ll get a commission if it’s used. It changes nothing on your part.

What about

What kind of weddings do you prefer to shoot?


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  1. I really like these two! I’ve been following them for sometime and find their work really inspiring. Thank you for this conversation! It was great!

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