Pre-Wedding Questionnaire: Importance of it & what to ask

Intro It’s no secret that a wedding is (normally) a once-off thing for your couple. It is an incredibly special, expensive, and intimate day to say the least and you, as the photographer, will play such an important role. We often tell our couples that there isn’t much else left after a wedding besides their […]

Should you show your prices on your website?

Intro Brace yourself… there is no right or wrong way. And anyone who says differently hasn’t really seen things from both perspectives. In the end, it’s a decision that you need to make based on a few factors such as your brand, who you want to attract, and what your sales process is. We’ll explore each of these […]

The Importance of being able to say no

Intro Saying no may seem a bit… wrong. In fact, it may seem counterintuitive to what you should be doing for your business – especially if you’re just starting. But it is one of the most important things you can do and one that you shouldn’t be afraid to use.  There’s a good chance that […]

11 Incredibly intimate wedding photos

Intimate Wedding Photos

When it comes to intimate wedding photos, it genuinely excites us. One of the things we first learned how to do when we started wedding photography was how to get those stunning intimate closeups that could have easily been a movie poster for some romance movie. Why did we choose to learn that so soon? […]