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Yeah! Welcome friend. Thank you so much for following the link and being open to learn more about our little project. This page should give you a good idea of how everything works and what the next steps are. You can reach out to me anytime if you have any questions.

What is "How I Shot This"

Introduction About

The whole concept of How I Shot This is to simply break down and analyse an image and reveal exactly how it was created. As a photographer, I am sure you know how much actually goes into just one single frame. Even without thinking about it. 


Every photo you likely thought about your composition, your lighting, your editing, your focus, your directions/posing, you had challenges, you solved them?, you used equipment, and had to think about the settings. There really is so much more than just “this photo was taken with 1/160 @ f2 ISO1600, Canon 5D Mark IV with a 35mm”. 


That’s exactly where HIST comes in. It’s our goal to teach people exactly how an image was created. Right from the smallest detail. It’s fascinating to get such an intimate look into how the photographer thought about a situation, how they overcame a challenge, or why they chose to light something a certain way. 

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What you need

Before Starting Checklist

Main image(s) + their unedited versions

As a JPEG. To be used for the “before/after” slider in the editing section

A bit of time + Coffee

Each image takes, on average, 10 – 15 minutes to submit. Yep, there’s lots of questions. But it’s really good fun to submit & analyse a photo in such detail. Or so we keep hearing.

Submit within 2 weeks

We need to plan and maintain our schedule so we ask that you submit within 2 weeks. If you need more time, please let us know and we can make a plan.

Frequently Asked

FAQs Knowledgebase

How long do I have to submit?
We ask that it’s completed in 2 weeks. If you need longer, please just let us know.

Can I still share my image with blogs & feature accounts?
Absolutely! Your image(s) are always yours. We’re photographers ourselves so we can totally understand. The only thing we do ask is that you don’t send it to another platform that is doing something similar to HIST.

I do not have the RAW, Unedited version of the image. Can I still submit?
Sadly not. The editing section is one of the most popular parts & it’s vital that our readers have a “before/after” comparison to understand the edits.

Will you give me credit wherever my image is used?
As much as we possibly can! Whenever we’re sharing your work, whether it’s showcasing the latest post, an article, or a roundup – we will give you full credits.

Can I submit more photos than the ones you picked?
We would love you to suggest more images for us to feature but we cannot promise we’ll take any/all of them. We’re always on the lookout for images that are photographically interesting. It could be composition, editing, lighting, focus, posing, etc… and we’re always trying not to take too many of the same thing.

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