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How I shot this is a platform that aims to teach photographers just how an image was created; and most importantly answering the question “why”.

The content is broken down into small, to the point and clear information side by side to the actual image so readers can directly see what’s happening.

Design & layout.

We believe the layout of the information is just as important as the information itself. By keeping the image right next to the information, it becomes easier to understand. 


This is where it all started. We shared our first posts here and within the first few hours we cracked the 200 follower mark. We didn’t expect people to jump on this as much as they did.

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When we launched on instagram, we had no idea that our inbox would be flooded with such supportive messages. Let alone the comments & interaction on the posts.

So, whats the plan?


You’re very likely seeing this page because we sent you an email asking to use some of your images. If you’re keen to be a part of this, we move forward from here. If not, no worries.


If you’re keen, then what we do next is we can setup a call to talk about how we plan to get the images from you, how we pay you, what information we need and basically answer all your questions you may have.


The next step would be paying you and receving the images & information. We made a pretty neat online form to fill out thats broken down to small chunks so it’s not so overwhelming to do. It’s good fun actually 🙂


Once we’ve got the content, we will review it and get it ready to be published. If we find something’s a miss or we need more information from you – this is when we’ll get back in touch.


Finally, we will publish the content over time and when we do that’s when we really need your help. That’s when we need you to share and promote it on your Instagram accounts. It’s no secret that your help here is crucial for the success of HIST.


We have some pretty amazing things planned for the future and one of them being is the whole payment concept. If this platform works, we have a way where you can become an official contributor and earn not just once – but per month; a part of the profit. But baby steps first.


Let me know via [email protected]