New Zealand

Tinted Photography

HELLO BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE! We are Sirjana and Ben. A husband and wife team specialising in both the planning and photographing of custom adventures anywhere your heart or passport can take you. When you return from an adventure, have you ever noticed how it’s not only the photos people want to see… It’s the stories they want to hear? Well, we give you both. Our work is a love letter to ADVENTURE! Waterfalls. Lush, green valleys. Mountain peaks and forest floors. The world is filled with wonder that lifts the soul. So we help rad humans in love find their happy place, anywhere around the world. We believe that life and love should be celebrated in monumental ways. With a breathtaking experience. A day filled with surprises and delights… AND STUNNING PHOTOS YOU’LL TELL STORIES ABOUT.

Favourite Quote

Artists can colour the sky red because they know it is blue. Those who aren’t artists must colour things the way they really are, or people might think they are stupid – Jules Feiffer (by way of Ben’s Grandmother)

Advice to my younger self

“Hey, dummy – Get your editing game tight, trust in your abilities, go full time, like, now, network with the community and ask for help when you need it. Oh, and enjoy dubstep while you can cause it’s pretty much universally panned in the future where I’m from.

Published Stories

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