Scotland Nikon 85mm 1.4 (Katy) & 50mm 1.4 (Jim) Nikon D780

The Caryls Photography


The Caryls Photography Active since 2018
We’re Katy and Jim: lovers of life, light and the great outdoors! We’re a husband and wife photography team, based in beautiful Scotland. We’ve been photographing weddings regularly since 2018, and it’s been quite a ride! We’re two quite different people, who essentially love the same things (nature, adventure, travel and people). While Jim is very much a cerebral person: a creative yet analytical thinker who loves a research task and is very methodical and detail-oriented; Katy is more of an intuitive soul, who is spontaneous, creative and empathetic. You could say we’re chalk and cheese! But we find that by working closely together, and listening to each other’s gut instincts, we always bring out the best on a shoot—two heads are better than one, as they say! As photographers, we’re passionate about storytelling, documenting the heartfelt moments and capturing not just what a couple’s wedding day looks like, but what it ‘feels’ like. When we deliver a gallery, we always aim to transport a couple back in time, to allow them to re-live their special day all over again! We feel that, at heart, this is the power of wedding photography. We specialise in intimate weddings and elopements throughout Scotland, the UK and beyond! We’re always super-excited and inspired by destination weddings and the opportunity to shoot against a different canvas.
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“Only connect the prose and the passion and both will be exulted…” E. M. Forster, Howards End

Quick Questions

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What is a fun fact about you?
Katy grew-up riding horses bareback and Jim is great at knitting!
How did you land your first wedding?
Both of us had always been passionate about photography. We landed our first wedding when Jim’s cousin, Hannah, invited us to capture her elopement with her teenage sweetheart, John, in Wester Ross (the wild, rugged and romantic area that they grew-up in the north of Scotland). It was an all-round amazing day! There was so much love and laughter and the landscape was breath-taking. We fell in love with capturing elopements and intimate weddings from that moment on!
Who or what inspires you?
Like most photographers, we love art, cinema and photography! Particular favourites include… Photography: Ansel Adams for his haunting depictions of nature; Gregory Crewdson’s haunting stories in a single shot; Greg Williams’ playful, star-studded candids and Vivian Maier’s humorous and poignant street photography. Art: for interior portraits, we’re very inspired by the Dutch Master painters like Vermeer for their incredible use of light and shadow to create atmosphere. Film/ TV: recent inspirations include Fargo (for landscapes), Ammonite (just for everything, really! Light, composition, palate & tones. It’s a really beautiful film…) ‘The Dig’ for it’s glorious, nostalgic atmosphere: a timeless classic (which is a quality that we always strive for in our images)
What were you doing before you became a photographer?
Katy was a documentary film Producer/ Director for the BBC. Jim was a science writer
What’s your favourite thing about being a wedding photographer?
We love capturing a couple’s love! No two couples are the same and no two relationship dynamics are the same – that’s why we find what we so endlessly inspiring and interesting. We find that for most of the couples we work with, prior to their wedding, they only have a handful of photos with both of them in frame (and most of these will be posed ‘holiday selfies’, which don’t really truly capture them as a couple).. We feel that it’s a such gift to have the opportunity capture our couples (their relationship & their special dynamic) as their friends and family see them, but as they may never have seen themselves.

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Be open! Every situation is an opportunity to learn….

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