France NIKKOR Z 35mm f/1.8 S Nikon Z7 II

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HI! We are Alison & Lance, a French/American photography couple. We met in 2016 in Paris while studying photography and unexpectedly fell in love. When the time came for Lance to go back to the US he couldn’t picture his life without me and we moved in together. We dream of a peaceful life by a lake, we just don’t know where ahah! We’ve been nomad since 2020 and looking all over Europe, we think it’s now time to try and find it in the US… fingers crossed! In 2019 we started photographing weddings, at the end of our first wedding season we knew it didn’t feel right. Since then we’ve specialised in elopements and recently uncovered our true calling, something unique we hope to bring to life in a year or two… stay tuned!
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