Nuremberg Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 and Sigma 35mm f/1.4 Canon EOS R6

Sarah Guber


Sarah Guber Active since 2019 (professionally)
Hi! I’m Sarah – a wedding photographer based in Nuremberg. I love taking raw and intimate photos in a fairytale-like style. When I am not drinking coffee or reading books, you can find me wandering in the woods or hiking in the mountains. I am a person who falls in love with sunsets and beautiful landescapes again and again. One day I want to travel the world with my camera.
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One eye sees, the other feels. – Paul Klee

Quick Questions

Get to know me Insights
What is a fun fact about you?
I’ve seen the Disney movie The Lion King so many times as a child that I can still recite it by heart.
How did you land your first wedding?
A friend of mine, who is also a photographer, asked my if I wanted to be her second shooter at a friends wedding. But it honestly took many more weddings and years after that, that I completely fell in love with wedding photography.
Who or what inspires you?
I am inspired by many modern (elopement) photographers like the Kitcheners, but I also love the works of painters like Paul Klee or photography legends like Ansel Adams and Vivan Maier. But sometimes it’s just an epic location, a lighting situation or a movie scene that spark an idea in my head.
What were you doing before you became a photographer?
I was a medical assistant, a graphic designer and a journalist. Right now, I am also working as a Copywriter for an advertising agency on the side.
What’s your favourite thing about being a wedding photographer?
It’s just such an honor to accompany people on one of the most beautiful days of their lives, tell their stories and create images that will stay with them and future generations for a lifetime. The trust my couples have in me makes me happy and incredibly grateful every single day.

Advice to my
younger self

What I wish I knew Personal

Beautiful photos do not equal art. Creating art means to portray something real, something meaningful. But what’s even more important than your photography itself is to form a connection with your clients and try to understand them. Also: Trust your gut feeling and try to enjoy the process of getting where you want to be.

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