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The Kitcheners


The Kitcheners Active since 2011
We’re Dylan and Joanna and we’ve been photographing weddings and elopements since 2011. Lovers of the great outdoors, an adventure and meeting new people, it was our passion for all of these things that led us to find one another in Australia 11 years ago. We didn’t waste time, we got engaged after 3 months and tied the knot pretty soon after. It all happened pretty quickly but sometimes you just know when you know! For a long time we were both looking for a way to express ourselves creatively and after searching high and low we discovered that photographing people in love and their stories was what made our hearts race. We’re passionate about the real emotions, the honest moments and capturing how it all really felt. To us that’s what it’s all about! Today we live in Edinburgh, Scotland documenting elopements and weddings around the UK, Europe and further abroad.
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“Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen.” —Michael Jordan

Quick Questions

Get to know me Insights
What is a fun fact about you?
A lot of people assume we’re Scottish but Joanna grew up in Poland and Dylan grew up in Tasmania, Australia. We have been in Scotland for over 10 years now.
How did you land your first wedding?
When we moved to Scotland (from Australia) we didn’t know anybody so we advertised our photography services on Gumtree (kind of like the UK’s Craigslist) to try and generate a wedding portfolio. Eventually a couple from Edinburgh answered our ad and we photographed our first wedding in 2011.
Who or what inspires you?
We mostly get our visual inspiration from watching movies but travelling and photographing in new locations is a big inspiration for us too. When a couple has a really powerful connection together that can be inspiring from a photography standpoint too.
What were you doing before you became a photographer?
I (Dylan) was a pastry chef and Joanna was a Japanese language teacher.
What’s your favourite thing about being a wedding photographer?
Being able to be flexible with our hours and spend time during the week with our 2 boys. Being a wedding photographer has also allowed us to visit many countries around the world that we normally wouldn’t have had a chance to see.

Advice to my
younger self

What I wish I knew Personal

We would advise our younger selves to slow down and relax.  One thing we’ve learned over the last few years is that you can’t control everything that happens in your life.  Sometimes you have to accept that things happen and simply adapt.

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