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Van Middleton Photography Composition
“Composition is very important to me. I’m not a great believer in the theory of composition, and I can’t name particular textbook methods (aside from rule of thirds), but I believe shooting in a way that is aesthetically pleasing is a skill that grows the more you shoot. Generally, for portraits, the rule of thirds is a good one. But for creative photos there are no rules: you need to feel your way towards what works best for you and the image, and trust that what is aesthetically pleasing to your eye is also pleasing to other people viewing it. In this case, I didn’t want too much space below the bridal party, because the lower part of the image is simply grass. Having the bridal party at the bottom also added to the feeling of smallness. Also, the focus for this image, for me, is the tree, so I composed this centrally. And I wanted the playfulness of the OOF area to be enjoyed – the upper part of the image to my eye is very interesting. “
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