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Have a community, event, workshop or traffic that you’d like to expose HIST to and earn at the same time? Our affiliate system is designed to be incredibly easy, fair, and transparent.

Recurring Commissions

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One of the core values of HIST is being open & transparent. We honestly believe that it’s not just about us, it’s about all of us. When you become an affiliate, we offer a 20% commission on any sale that happens through your link/discount code.


But, here’s the best part: so long as the person you brought over remains as an active subscriber (and keeps paying), you will earn.


This is exciting because you can actually make HIST work for you. Earning some decent side income while not having to be fully committed to promoting and whatnot.

Frequently asked

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How does the tracking work?
We use a system with Cookies that will track a user in their browser for up to 30 days (or until they clear their cookies). What this allows is that if they come to HIST through your link, have a look around and then decide not to subscribe but come back a few days later – they’ll still be linked to you if they subscribe.

What happens if they click another affiliate’s link afterward?
This system uses a “First come” rule, where whoever’s link was clicked first, is who will receive the commission.

When will I get paid out?
You can request to be paid out anytime, but generally, it makes more sense to wait until the amount has accumulated at least 50€. Otherwise, the transfer fees will not make it worth it.

How do you payout?
We pay via Paypal, Wise, or Bank Transfer (EU only).

Can anyone become an Affiliate?
Almost certainly so. We do want to know a bit about you before and how you intend to promote us because with the wrong methods, it could hurt our reputation.

How much of a deal can I offer my community with my discount code?
Your unique discount code will offer 25% off on the first payment for any subscription plan. Feel free to use this wherever you like.


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