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How i Shot This

The whole concept of How I Shot This is to simply break down and analyze an image and reveal exactly how it was created. As a photographer, I am sure you know how much actually goes into just one single frame. Even without thinking about it. 

Every photo has, in some way, a story, composition, lighting, editing, focus, directions/posingchallengessolutions and so much more. There really is a ton to learn from an image than just what camera was used and what settings were chosen. 

That’s exactly where HIST comes in. It’s our goal to teach people exactly how an image was created. Right from the smallest detail. It’s fascinating to get such an intimate look into how the photographer thought about a situation, how they overcame a challenge, or why they chose to light something a certain way. 

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Melli & Shayne

Behind HIST Meet Us

Writing about ourselves has never been a strong point. But one thing that we can confidently say is that we genuinely love to help and teach people. It’s always been in our nature.

We are photographers ourselves, who like everyone, started from zero and worked our way up. The journey was packed with unforgettable highs and lows so low that we try and obliterate them from memory. We’ve loved sharing our stories with people and passing on the knowledge we wished we had. Legit would have saved our asses more times than not.

Finally, you may be curious but How I Shot This came about rather spontaneously. We had a glass bottle of wine one evening and spent the night reminiscing about our career & our past. We saw a gap. We got inspired. We were drunk. We thought about it again the next day, and it stuck.

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Our Concept

What it’s all about Transparency

It has always been our core value and goal to be as open, transparent, and fair as possible. As photographers ourselves, we are fully aware of the feelings of having our own work used to grow an instagram account selling presets where we see nothing but the infamous lines of “you’re getting exposure”. 

We pledged that if we ever started something similar, we’d be different. And so we have. 

We pay each and every single photographer who submits anything to the platform. Whether that’s a story about their image or an article. Though it may not be enough to have them retire on, it is certainly a gesture of appreciation and gratitude. 

So when you subscribe to HIST, you are directly allowing us to be able to support these artists. Your subscription means that we can keep being fair and open when it comes to new content. 

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