Behind How I Shot This is the international wedding photographers Melli & Shayne. With an absolute passion for teaching & sharing knowledge, the idea of HIST came about from an evening full of wine and a discussion about what they wish they had access to when they first started out.

our mission.

The whole goal behind How I Shot This is to really help you understand just how an image was created. 

light & weather.
challenges & solutions.

There is so much that goes into a photograph; and it’s not just limited to what camera settings were used, what equipment & what preset. We want to share this information with you all, with nothing held back, so that you can better your skills and be always be inspired.

Knowing why and how a photographer did something is incredibly useful as it will help you overcome similar situations and even build upon in your own style & ways. Having this deeper understanding and knowledge will give you an edge out in the field and thats exactly why we do what we do. .

We want this to be a resource you’re proud to support. To be a place where you come for inspiration, for education, for advice & conversation. We fully believe, with our entire heart, that we can get there and will always welcome you along our journey with us.