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00:35 - 02:06

Who is Anna?

Getting to know each other and the story of how she got into photography.

02:06 - 03:15

Moving to Barcelona

We explore how she got to Barcelona from Russia with her husband and what she thinks of the city.

03:15 - 08:12

First shoots & photography as a therapy

How Barcelona inspired her to be her creative self and with the free time she had and how she started to set up her first shoots.

08:12 - 14:51

Personal Projects & the importance of them

We explore how important these personal projects are and how they push your creative skills to new levels. We dive into where Anna gets her creative ideas & inspiration from.

14:51 - 16:12

How Anna approaches her work

Anna shares her thoughts on how she goes to each shoot, what she has in mind and what she does when she’s on the spot. We also speak about shot lists and whether or not she uses them.

16:20 - 18:09

What she's doing in Costa Rica

Since we had to get her to switch spots in the middle of the conversation due to some construction work happening outside her window, we did lose track of the shot list topic but it was basically concluded by the end. We now chat a bit about what she’s doing over in Costa Rica.

18:09 - 19:42

How she got into weddings

As she started with shooting couples, it was pretty logical that her next step would be weddings. We chat about the first weddings she shot, her first experiences with videographers, and what she see’s for the future in her wedding photography.

19:42 - 23:03

Burning out

Burning out is real when it comes to this industry, and we talk about how this affected her and what changes she’s made to avoid it happening again.

23:03 - 24:15

Giving yourself time to enjoy the place while you're there

We talk about allowing time for yourself; and how important it is for your own mental well-being and creative soul to recharge.

24:15 - 26:34

Learning from mistakes

It’s so important to learn from mistakes and really know yourself so you don’t set yourself up for trouble.

24:15 - 29:40

Using motion blur in her work

Anna embraces the imperfections of technical photography and uses them to convey hidden messages & storytelling; all while being intentional.

29:40 - 31:24

"If you had to use just one camera, and one lens - which would they be?"

A fun question where we get an insight into what are Anna’s favorite tools for photography and why.

31:24 - 32:59

HIST love & how I manage to wear so many hats

Anna shares her thoughts about our little “How I Shot This” project and genuinely makes me blush.

32:59 - 35:29

Eiffel Tower Image

We chat about how this image was shot, and more specifically, exposed in such a way as to not blow out the view outside the window.


35:29 - 40:13

How Anna directs her couples

A question sprung up from the photo we just discussed about how she directs her couples; whether she is very interactive and speaks to them a lot or if she’s more the “silent” type, allowing her couples to be themselves and get into the flow on their own.

40:13 - 41:28

Bringnng music to the shoot

We chat about bringing music to a shoot, how she plays it and where she gets her music from as well as the effect it has on the couples.

41:28 - 44:04

Motion blur image

We explore not only how this shot was created, but what the blur means here. A fascinating perspective that I personally didn’t interpret when I first saw it – which just goes to show how wonderful art can be.


44:04 - 46:20

The Prism Shot

We chat about working with prisms, how they work and what Anna loves about them. We also chat about being brave and just trying new things, even if they may not work out in the end.


couple shoot barcelona

46:20 - 49:54

What advice would you give your younger self?

I ask Anna to imagine her going back in time and meeting a younger version of herself who’s just starting out with photography and ask her what advice she’d give to “little Anna” that she thinks will help her tremendously at that point.

49:54 - 54:55

Mentoring & Education with Anna

We talk about what it’s like to have a mentoring session with Anna and we dive into her beloved “Ephmereal project” and what it means to her.

54:55 - 56:52

Ending love & Discount Code

We conclude this first-ever videocast on How I Shot This with thanks and an explanation of using Anna’s discount code (GE25). It knocks off 25% on the first payment for any subscription plan and is directly linked to her – meaning that she’d earn a commission if it’s used. It changes nothing on your part.

About this

Anna is one of the most inspiring photographers we’ve ever come across – with her work being so unique, timeless, and full of wonder, we have a wonderful conversation about how she started, how she approaches her work, and the difficulties she’s faced. It’s fascinating to listen to and it’s packed with inspiring tips and insights into how one of the most upcoming photographers in our industry is going about her photography.

Use the


To save 25% on the first payment for any subscription plan. This code is linked to Anna which means they’ll get a commission if it’s used. It changes nothing on your part.

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